We currently undertake orders in Delhi and NCR Only                                                                                                                                                We currently undertake orders in Delhi and NCR Only


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Choose amongst our specially crafted gourmet recipes, designed personally by celebrated chef Nita Mehta

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We send you complete cooking kits comprising of choicest ingredients perfectly portioned for that great meal

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Our step-by-step recipe card makes sure you have your meal ready in minutes. So relax and enjoy your favourite meal, cooked by you

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Rs. 275
Serves - 2

Cherry & Guava Cheese Cake Jar

Velvety smooth guava cheesecake jar is a burst of unforgettable flavours. Cherry topp...... Read More

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Rs. 250
Serves - 2

Red-Velvet Cappuccino Blast

A coffee-flavoured, silken-smooth dessert given a contemporary twist by layering it w...... Read More

Product Images
Rs. 250
Serves - 2

Peach Cookie - Crumble

Light and truly refreshing, without any cream! A peach and cinnamon flavoured pink ru...... Read More

At the grocery stores, whether online or offline, it is hard to choose the best possible ingredients from the huge range of brands and products. At Nita Mehta Foods, Chef Nita Mehta and her team has listed only the best products in its category to give a delightful cooking experience. Now experience Stress Free shopping at Nita Mehta Foods.





The contemporary world transcends traditional meal times. Your desk is your dinner table. Your home is your office. Your office is a coffee-shop. But just because you are busy does not mean you are willing to compromise when it comes to food.

We present Nita Mehta Foods ...

India’s most trusted home chef, Ms Nita Mehta and her team handcraft every dish from scratch and give our food its five star restaurant taste and appeal. We use fresh and the best ingredients to ensure quality in every dish. No need to worry about purchasing the required ingredients and looking for those hard to find items. We provide you with the exact quantity of ingredients you will require to prepare this meal. So you are not left with ingredients that you have no other use for and there is no wastage either. Our food is not only tasty but also healthy and hygienic, so you can eat clean and feel good about cleaning your plate. Nita Mehta Foods is your one stop solution when serving for two, for four or for many. Assemble the most tasty dish within 10-15 minutes and serve to your loved ones Also you can experience stress free grocery shopping at nita mehta foods. Here Chef Nita Mehta and her team have only listed the best products in its category to give a delightful cooking experience

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